Why Madagascar is the Perfect Place for a Family Trip

Summer is fast approaching. Of course, there is no better way to spend summer than to go on a trip with the family. There are many lovely places around the world where families can visit and spend quality time together. However, for those who are seeking a truly unique and unforgettable summer family trip, the perfect place to go to is none other than the Great Red Island, Madagascar.
Madagascar is quite a popular place, especially among the kids. If you are a fan of DreamWorks Animation, then you are probably familiar with Madagascar and its magical wildlife. Although it had some inaccuracies, the Madagascar film franchise pretty much increased people’s interest in the African country. Since then, it has become a dream destination for many kinds of travelers (e.g. for photographers, wildlife researchers, ordinary tourists, etc.). To convince you of the extraordinary beauty of the Great Red Island, I list down some of the best reasons why a family trip to Madagascar should be your summer goal.

It has some remarkable World Heritage Sites

Madagascar is home to many landmarks with cultural, historical, and scientific significance. Here, you and your family can visit several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are surely stunning, remarkable, and full of information. These include:
• Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is one of the most historic and spiritual sites in Madagascar. It consists of a royal city, a burial site, and other sacred places that facilitate strong feelings of national and cultural identity among the Malagasies. It is located about twenty-four kilometers northeast of Antananarivo, which is the capital city of the country.

• Tsingy de Bemaraha
Tsingy de Bemaraha is located in Melaky Region, the northwestern part of Madagascar. It is a national park consisting of limestone formations that spread across its plateau. These limestone formations were believed to be molded by erosion about five million years ago, making the place quite noble and astonishing.

• Atsinanana Rainforests
The Rainforests of the Atsinanana is a World Heritage Site comprising of six national parks that contain outstanding biodiversity. Here, you can find many rare and endangered species such as primates and lemurs. These rainforests are considered critically important because they support and maintain the ongoing ecological processes necessary for the survival of the country’s overall biodiversity.

It has an incredible biodiversity

Madagascar is known for its massive biodiversity. Its ecosystems contain many kinds of forests, savannah, rivers, lakes, wetlands, mangroves, and so on. These ecosystems shelter various species of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the country. Over the decades, more than six hundred new species have been discovered in its unique habitat, including 69 amphibians, 61 reptiles, 42 invertebrates, 41 mammals, 17 fish, and 385 plants. Among others, lemurs are the most sought after creatures in Madagascar. Tourists, both kids and adults, love to see and take pictures of these endearing primates, which come in a variety of sixty species.

It has lots of photograph-friendly sceneries

Madagascar is sometimes called the Great Red Island because it is predominated with red lateritic soils. These soils are formed when rocks erode in humid conditions. Because they are prone to erosion, they are barely suitable for agricultural production. Nonetheless, the lands in the Great Red Island offer picturesque sceneries that will surely satisfy your longing for photograph-friendly backgrounds. These include the Maromokotro Mountain, which is the highest mountain on Madagascar located in its northern part; and the Avenue of the Baobabs, which is an alley of strange-shaped trees called baobabs lining the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’I Tsiribihina.

Its beaches are stunning

Madagascar is a great trip destination for those families whose favorite bonding is to dip in the sea or rest on the soothing sand. Aside from its rainforests and peaks, the country is also home to many of beaches that offer fun adventures and stunning views at sunset. Among its beautiful beaches are:

• Ile Sainte-Marie
This is an island off the east coast of Madagascar. It is one of the top tourist attraction in the country. Its waters are the favorite destination of migrating humpback whales during summer.

• Ifaty
This is a traditional fishery zone located in the southwester part of Madagascar. Its extensive coastal waters are ideal for water activities such as diving and snorkeling.

• Nosy Be
This is considered the best beach in Madagascar. It is located off the northwestern coast of the country. It is known for its wonderful collection of natural treasures such as islets and white sand.

Its people are very welcoming

Aside from its sites and attractions, another excellent thing about Madagascar is its people. Consisting of about twenty-two million inhabitants whose origins are a mixture of African, Arab, and Indian, Madagascar is a country of people with a welcoming and warm pre-disposition. Malagasies are known to be laid-back and very hospitable. They interact well with the tourists, making the traveling experience to the country a lot better. Apart from this, Malagasies are very keen when it comes to their identity. They strongly adhere to their set of belief, practices, and way of life. For this reason, another thing that you and your family can find in the Great Red Island are profound cultural experiences.

Madagascar has a lot more things to offer. Contrary to the notion that it is one of the world’s unhappiest places, Madagascar is a place for fun, adventure, and pondering. It is the ideal travel destination for nature lovers who would love to spend their summer observing and experiencing the wonders of the world. For those who are looking for a great place to have their summer photo tours in, Madagascar is also the place to be. Essentially, Madagascar is a place for everyone. It is a country full of magnificence hidden behind its rainforests, peaks, rivers, lakes, seas, and so on. Its natural beauty is undoubtedly one of the must-sees in the world. For all the good reasons, a family trip to Madagascar is indeed the goal you should be achieving this summer.

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