Who Let the Dogs Out?: Paw-some Gifts to Get Your Child Into Animals

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Do you know what’s cuter than kids? Kids with animals! Animals or pets are a great way for many parents to teach their children how to be responsible for themselves and others. Most of the time, pets require a lot of training and nurturing, so it is a big responsibility that children may not always take on.

If you just love animals and want to get your child, niece, nephew into animals, there are several ways to give subtle hints and make them want to own an animal. One of them is through their gifts! Most of the time, gifts are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or just celebrating an achievement. So here are some gifts that you could give them to pique their interest in animals:

1. Hidden Turtle Cup

Do you want to give them some mystery? Try giving them a drink with this cup! This ocean blue mug will surely pique their interest. At the bottom of the cup, they’ll be able to find an animal of your choice! Most go for the turtle, but you could pick from other animals like whales, penguins, and starfish!

2. Visit a Dog or Cat Cafe

This started mainly in Asia, but it’s getting some attention in the States! Dog or cat cafes are a great way to let your child mingle with other animals and give them a tiny push towards falling in love with an animal. Just be careful, and pick a cafe that doesn’t sedate or harm animals!

3. Photo Book of Animals Caught Yawning

If your cute child just loves looking at other cute animals, this would be the perfect gift for them! This book filled with pictures of adorable animals yawning would not only be charming but would also be a great thing to look at before getting to bed! Who knows, they might start yawning too!

4. Animal Glasses Holder

Does your child always misplace their glasses? Animal holders would be an excellent way to stop losing them and pique their interest in animals! This glasses holder looks like a giraffe that can hold children’s glasses so that they’ll never lose them again. Their cute appearance would remind your child to place their glasses in the right place this time!

5. Personalized Pet Portrait

If you have a furry friend owned by a relative or a friend your child loves, you may opt for a custom portrait. However, this goes beyond just an ordinary portrait drawing of a pet; you could have the animal look like royalty wearing long robes filled with gems and intricate jewelry. An amusing portrait will surely get a laugh out of them!

6. Succulent Pots

Have you got children with a green thumb? Succulent pots are an excellent gift that they will love while hinting at the animal-loving aspect at the same time. Who knows, they might become interested in animals after giving them this just by looking at their cute faces. Aside from that, this is also a great way to encourage your child to plant succulents which could be a great air freshener at home.

7. Cuckoo Clock

This would be an excellent gift for your child to fall in love with birds! The cuckoo clock can have a variety of birds and may even be mixed with some other characters or even people in the clock. Aside from that, this would be a great addition to your home for that antique homey feeling that would look perfect in the living room.

8. Stuffed Toys

Who doesn’t love a cute soft plushie that you can sleep with! Everyone always thinks of getting a teddy bear at first, but you could always choose other animals they might be interested in or have sentimental value to you or that child. Hamsters, squirrels, giraffes, elephants, dogs, pandas, rabbits, and even octopuses are other stuffed animals you could consider.

9. Customized Socks

Are you getting ready for the Christmas season? Get some of these socks! It’s just too cute to be true, especially with the face of an animal hanging around on your feet. This would be the perfect gift for kids who like to pick their clothes and match their attire to their shoes and socks!

10. Trip to the Zoo

Visiting the zoo is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get your kids into animals. Most of the time, their adorable faces or actions are just enough to make them want to learn more about animals and how they interact with each other and other animals. However, you might want to keep them away from the “scary” reptiles if you’re uncomfortable with having them in your own home.


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