What Can You Do to Preserve Wildlife

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What Can You Do to Preserve Wildlife

We travel to places like Madagascar, Amazon, and Kenya to witness the incredible beauty of wildlife animals. We are allowed to observe the diverse ecosystem and species living in harmony, running free. The beauty of nature will leave us exhilarating. However, wildlife didn’t have it easy for many years now. We lost twenty-two frog species and sixty-five North American plants last year, and you can expect more habitat loss in the coming years. 

Nicki Geigert is a wildlife photographer in love with the natural environment that surrounds her. She yearns to learn more about nature and wildlife, but she saw the impending doom of these beautiful creations that she published a book on rare and endangered species, shared images of nature, and posted blogs. She wants to dedicate herself to the natural world, and this is her effort to spread the word about the issues surrounding wildlife. 

There is a long list of species that may have gone extinct and vulnerable throughout the years, and if not addressed immediately, will lose more wildlife species. Many people have warned and made last conservation efforts to save species before it’s too late. All these losses all boils down to human behavior. Hence, be an activist and start helping spread awareness to save the majestic species on Earth. Be like Nicki Geigert and help save, preserve, and protect wildlife. Here are small but impactful things you can do to help preserve wildlife.

Be An Educated Consumer

We have seen a growth in using eco-friendly alternatives for things we use every day for the past years. Why is this so? Of course, this is an effort to preserve Earth. The world is facing a significant problem that will affect faunas, floras, and even humans. It’s surprisingly simple to make positive changes to preserve wildlife just by figuring out where to start. Instead of using disposable plastics, choose products that are energy-efficient, durable, made from sustainable sources, and sustainably packaged. Moreover, learn more about the food you eat and where it comes from since the conversion of forests to rangeland for cattle is one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss. In essence, individual responsibility isn’t a silver bullet, but it can help strengthen the environmental movement. 

Take Care of Wildlife Habitat

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, habitat destruction is the main threat to vulnerable and endangered species. Due to the urbanization of areas and tourism, more species are losing their homes and food source. However, you can help reduce this threat by planting more trees, restoring wetlands, cleaning up beaches in your area, and avoiding disturbing the natural habitats of wildlife. If you own land, try planting more trees and digging ponds to promote wildlife habitat. As much as possible, avoid unjustified cutting down of trees. Moreover, if you have pet cats, try to keep them indoors to become predators to wild birds and mice. 

Make Your Home Wildlife Friendly

You might not know it, but your home can also be a home for the wildlife. Whether you have a small or big garden, this can be a source of a steady supply of food and water for any wildlife species. This also gives wild animals a place to raise families. So, plant native species of flowers, trees, and bushes in your yard to attract birds, butterflies, bees, and moths. Try replacing part of your lawn with garden beds, native plants, and flowers. You can also get crafty by building a birdhouse or bat house. Avoid using pesticides and other chemical components on your lawn, as this can lead to wildlife poisoning. Lastly, rethink your fall cleanup. Research more on how this can harm wildlife. 

Take Part in Conservation Activities

Your voice matters as you can do wonders. You can encourage neighbors and locals to support policies that protect wildlife. Furthermore, working with other people is almost always more effective than making efforts alone. After all, we have a better chance of protecting wildlife together. Many groups are looking for volunteers and support from the community. They are usually independent groups, and if you’re generous enough, maybe you can help them financially for their cause. Join genuine groups that keep wildlife in the wild, such as ecotourism, photo safaris, or community-based humane education programs. You can also participate in conservation organization efforts on animal cruelty, hunting, and destruction of habitat. There are plenty of organizations with different goals, so you are sure to find like-minded people. 

Please do not hesitate to use your voice to spread awareness to protect and preserve wildlife. We encourage you to speak and leave a comment on this post for everyone to read. Your opinions about wildlife conservation are important, and it is not something that should be left unsaid. 



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