Precaution Before Destination: Travel Safety Tips

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Nicki’s travel to exciting new places is accounted for in her books. However, while she mainly highlights her wonderful experiences, she doesn’t fail to cover the need for safety and precautions every traveler must consider.

So, if you already have a travel destination in mind, thoroughly plan an enjoyable itinerary and pack all your necessary items. What’s next?

Perhaps, it’s time to spiral down the pits of imagining the perfect time you’ll be experiencing. The beautiful scenery you’ll be seeing, the delicious food you’ll be eating, and the wonderful people you’ll meet. Unfortunately, more often than not, these don’t necessarily translate to reality. Sometimes, expectations, anticipations, and imaginations can be far different from reality.

No matter how positively you view these places, risks still exist. There will be people who’ll take advantage of innocent and unwary tourists. Those who will readily increase costs, sneak and steal from the unsuspecting, and in extreme cases, people prepared to put you in harm’s way.

These only scratch the surface. Besides the people themselves, there also exist natural risks and possible health hazards related to the place.

Tourist Vulnerability

When people travel, their safety often becomes the least of their priorities. After all, when you’re in a new and scenic destination, you’re more likely to explore and take risks to experience everything. Rather than putting yourself out of harm’s way, you may prefer avoiding the regret of missing out on an activity or entertainment. This increases your chances of endangerment.

Regardless of their intentions, tourists will always manage to stand out. Whether it’s the constant fascination with the surroundings or the sparkle of curiosity reflecting on their faces, spotting them in a crowd is pretty easy.

Author and photographer Nicki Geigert has tackled this issue on a surface level in her books. Most of what she’s written accounts for Nicki’s travel to exciting new places. However, while her books highlight the great time she had spent and the beauty within those destinations, she doesn’t fail to mention the safety and precautions every tourist should consider while traveling.

Travel Safety Tips

Since they’re in unfamiliar territory, tourists are at high risk of jeopardizing their health and well-being. Hence, it’s only crucial that they plan the precautions they must take before actually traveling.

For starters, here are some of the standard measures most tourists practice during their trips:

Traveling Light

Packing is one of the crucial and initial things people do when traveling. Most will be overjoyed by the thought of spending days in a new area, plan and think of scenarios outside their itinerary and end up packing more than necessary. However, most travelers may suggest packing lightly.

They’re trying to avoid losing items, especially important documents, along the way.

You should only pack and carry what you genuinely need throughout the trip. If you believe you cannot travel any lighter or bring lesser things, you can separate what you’re bringing in a suitcase and a smaller bag. You can keep the essential items in the smaller bag and the others in the luggage. This helps identify which things are crucial, decreases the possibility of losing them, and gives you more freedom of movement when things go south.

Protecting Your Identity

A massive percentage of the population has already fallen victim to identity theft. And tourists are especially vulnerable to this.

When traveling, you’re likely to tap into public devices and systems to make your trip more enjoyable. This gives hackers more opportunities to steal your information and use it to their advantage. Hence, travelers don’t recommend connecting to public WiFi as this is a perfect avenue for them to hack your devices and look into your information.

It’s also essential for travelers to protect their phones since these already commonly have access to emails and, for some, card information. You can protect your device with strong passwords and enable tracking if, by chance, your phone gets lost or stolen.

Protecting Your Location

Besides protecting your identity, it’s also vital to protect yourself while traveling. This can be done by avoiding posting locations, especially on social media.

Pictures or status updates are travelers’ favorites – photos to treasure the moment and status to keep friends and family updated with your activities. Nobody is stopping you from doing so. However, sharing your specific location while updating these is preferably avoided. Your location makes you highly vulnerable to robberies and other crimes.

Instead, you can keep track of your activities and post a “storytime” at home. You can still take photos, but wait until you get home, as well, to post them. This ensures your travel location isn’t leaked, and you’re not exposing yourself to muggers.

Knowing Your Alcohol Limits and Allergies

Traveling isn’t complete without a food trip. Undeniably, another country’s delicacies appeal better and are more delicious than one’s own. Hence, travelers would love to try anything under the sun.

However, unfamiliarity with their food puts you at risk of allergies or contamination. This is why it’s essential that you actively ask them about their ingredients and avoid anything you’re allergic to. It also pays to be mindful of your surroundings and notice if they’re preparing the food in suspicious or unsanitary areas. While it may seem unkind to be picky when traveling, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another thing to be mindful of is your alcohol intake. Know your limits and ensure you’re not putting yourself in danger. If you get yourself too drunk, you might miss out on your adventures or, worst, get taken advantage of.


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