Top 7 Destinations to Visit During Summer

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Top 10 Destinations to Visit During Summer

Are you looking for ways on how you can have an epic summer? Traveling is the best way to do it. There’s always something appealing about going on adventures to different places during the summertime. Everybody’s out of school, and adults are just craving for some sunshine. The nice warm weather gives you the freedom to do activities you wished you could do during the other seasons. Plus, you can pack easily. You don’t need to pack bulky items— giving you more space for some mementos and souvenirs to bring back to your loved ones. Unless you want to travel to cold places during the summer, which is a totally different experience from traveling to tropical places.

Traveling during the summer will give you so much convenience. You can choose among different ideal vacation spots; you won’t be experiencing a shortage of options. Don’t let this opportunity overwhelm you, though. Do your research and find out what destination is the perfect place for you to travel. You need to consider every possible situation there is. Worry not! This blog will give you the best choices of places you could visit during the summertime. See the suggestions below:


One of the United Arab Emirates’ top traveling locations would be Dubai. If you want to experience an urban city where you can see amazing architectures of skyscrapers and shopping malls, such as Burj Khalifa, this should be a part of your list. This destination is surely a unique one. It is each city travel enthusiast ever dreamed of. From historical sights to active nightlife experience, you sure can get it there.


You probably heard of Hawaii to be on everyone’s bucket lists. The stunning sceneries of the bodies of water sure do prove its worth. From gorgeous beaches to beautiful waterfalls, the island would be the perfect place to visit. If you are someone who enjoys various types of water activities, then the more reasons to visit. Besides the ocean, Hawaii is also the home of active volcanoes where amazing sights and views make it perfect for taking Instagram photos.


There are a handful of reasons why you should consider Madagascar on your future travels. Known to be the biggest island in the Indian Ocean, you can expect enchanting beaches, breathtaking views of nature, and unique wildlife. If you want to know more about this place, you should check out Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert. This book is perfect for people who want to learn more about Madagascar and Zimbabwe’s striking spots. Reading it would definitely give you insights on how a family trip would go. This book will inspire you to go travel more!


Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where the strong presence of healthy living is strong. Amsterdam is a place where you can see people walking or biking to get to places everywhere you look. Amsterdam is such a beautiful destination to visit if you are someone who loves a city that is filled with a rich culture. Moreover, the coffee shops there serve the best and premium coffee that’s worth the try.


The enchanting landscape of this destination is worth it to be seen. This underrated city in Turkey is full of sightseeing attractions that people who like to take photos will definitely visit. Aside from this, you will get the chance to spend your time in elegant cave houses, which will make you not want to go home. The mornings are the best part of the day in Cappadocia when you can hike through valleys and rock sites with a tantalizing view.


Experience being drawn to the mystical atmosphere of Iceland. This Nordic European island country is the most sparsely populated area, which is really good if you want peace and tranquility. There are many tourist spots in Iceland that you can go see, but the best place would be the bubbling and steaming The Blue Lagoon. You can enjoy the in-water massages and luxury lounge facilities when you get to visit it.


As one of the most popular tropical tourist spots in Asia, Bali Indonesia appeals to people for its nature. Known as the Island of Gods because of its religious idols, Balinese ancient Hinduism, which is quite present in the locals’ lifestyle. This last destination on this blog is one of the places that exude calmness into a visitor’s souls. From stunning beaches to spectral temples, you can surely take the best pictures to post.

These are just some of the places that the world has to offer, satisfying our souls with charm. If you want to know more about traveling, you should go check on Nicki Geigert’s literature works. Her books feature a lot of places and wildlife worth seeing. Hopefully, this blog has given you ideas on where to travel next.

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    I am so thankful for sharing your idea about destinations for this coming summer. I can’t wait to travel again together with my family.


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