The Natural Wonders in Madagascar

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The Natural Wonders in Madagascar

A destination that will truly astonish you is Madagascar. Located in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the island country is full of natural wonders—rainforests, deserts, beaches—you must see in your lifetime. The country has the most geological diversity that you will ever discover. Take a peek at Madagascar’s beauty in a book by a professional photographer, Nicki Geigert. She shows you what it’s like traveling the magical Madagascar and beyond. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond is ideal for anyone who wants to experience awesome adventures.

Mont Passot, Nosy Be

If you desire to experience an overlooking sight that will refresh the inner you, Mont Passot offers just that. It gives you a complete view of Nosy Be, a beautiful island in Madagascar on the Northwestern coastline. The adventure towards the great Mont Passot will also give you a chance to do some exercise as it requires you to climb a 326 m or 1,069 ft peak. After the long and satisfying hike, you will encounter a panoramic view and see a lake formed in a volcano crater. Because of its unique view, people are jostling to grasp the beautiful view. Thus, you need to get your spot as early as possible.

Isalo National Park

Are you craving Jurassic terrain? Isalo National Park is just for you. One of the most visited parks in Madagascar, the national park is a must-visit for avid hikers. Once you get there, you will encounter a picturesque topography, endless view of gorges and canyons. These are formed by eroding winds and rain. If the hike still isn’t enough for you, you can trek through the granite rocks. As Madagascar is famous, Isalo’s pristine forests are home to no fewer than 14 lemur species.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

In Eastern Madagascar, you will find a premier protected rainforest, home to the giant indri lemur. Going to this place will guarantee you a close encounter with this fabulous lemur that makes an interesting, distinctive, and loud sound. You can also discover a refuge of other animals and unique plant species. One of Nicki Geigert’s book, “Who’s Yawning Now?” will give you a glance at some of the unique species you can find in the country. If you decide to visit Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, you have to prepare a cozy outfit as the average temperature in the rainforest is around 20°C. It also rains almost all year round, so prepare some raincoats if you can. Just a few kilometers away from the main road, the entrance of the place is seen. The Park is an accessible terrain, making it a suitable trip for everyone.

Spiny Forest

One of the destinations that make Madagascar famous is the Spiny Forest. In the deepest south of the island country, you can see the evidence of the place’s unique and curious ecosystem. The otherworldly beauty of the place never fails to make tourists feel awe. Adapting to their dry environment, the trees preserve water in their succulent trunks. Of all the trees you can witness, the spiky octopus trees stand out. Their waving fingers create strange shadows, ideal for taking pictures.

Mitsio Archipelago

The northwest coast of Madagascar always has something to offer, just like the Mitsio Archipelago. This volcanic archipelago exudes peace and quiet, perfect for travelers who need time to reflect on their lives. You will be amazed by the grouping of islands where lies the dreamy beaches for you to lay and tan. You can also interact with the locals in the fishing villages and learn more about their culture. If you want more adventure, you can head down to the island’s south, where you can find another geographical phenomenon that that island country possesses, the sea bowels and long stalks of brown rocks. This phenomenon adds to the magical atmosphere of the place.

Baobab Avenue

If you have dreamt of going to Madagascar where you can see unique trees like baobabs. Baobab, also known as “reniala,” is a Malagasy tree that can tolerate extreme climate conditions because of its humongous trunk. For a good reason, they are called the tree of life. It can offer people clothing, food, and even water for animals and humans.

The wonders that a large island country has are something that everyone deserves to witness.



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