The Importance of Taking Photographs

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The Importance of Taking Photographs

When people visit a new place, meet new people, or try a new adventure, they seem to never forget one thing – to take photographs! Without a doubt, photography has become an essential part of human experience. Taking a photograph is seeing something with your eyes, and capturing that moment with a camera. Photographs tend to leave lasting memories of very precious moments.

Nicki Geigert, a known landscape, travel, adventure, fine art, and nature photographer, knows very well the essence of taking photographs. Her beautiful photos usually capture the vast wonders of nature and the candid moments of life. For Nicki Geigert, it is not just all about the photograph, but the experience of capturing a moment in time and documenting vanishing behaviors and cultures rather. In her travels throughout the world, Nicki Geigert has photographed quite a number of astonishing places, wildlife, and long-forgotten cultures and their peoples – thankfully, she shares all of these experiences in several of her books.

To learn more about the importance of taking photographs and understand why it has become a fundamental part of human experience, below are some of the many reasons why you should be taking more photos.

Moments to Remember

Your mind cannot record all the joyous moments of your life. Many detail and moments, no matter how precious they are, can be forgotten in future because your mind does not have the capacity to store that much information. It is for this reason that photographs are important to ensure that the best moments of your life will never be forgotten.

Almost all people own photo albums stored in their shelves. Some even go the extra mile of having their photos framed and hung on their walls. Photographs, in essence, just hold so many memories and stories that are worth remembering time and time again. They have the ability to resurface emotions, and bring you back to the past.

In addition, photographs are very much useful in documenting the milestones of your life. Cameras are indeed a must-have during important events such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, and more. These events are often filled with valuable people, places, and moments that it would be such a waste to bury them in your memory.

Artistry and Creativity

Most people have an eye for all things beautiful – places, creatures, scenes, and more. Looking at these things can already induce so many emotions within you, which in turn, gives you the urge to capture them.

Modern-day technology has allowed people to take photographs whenever and wherever they want. Your portable camera and mobile phone, particularly, have made it possible for you to capture and record everything that you want. Whatever you feel and consider as beautiful or meaningful, you can easily take a snap of it.

Photographs, therefore, help nurture and improve your artistry and creativity. They allow you to capture not just moments, but also emotions, beauty, and art. Photographs allow you to share whatever artistic interpretation you can make out of a moment. Regardless of whether it is a photograph of a scenery showing the landscape of a mountain, of a mouth-watering cuisine with an excellent plating style, or even of a person who simply possesses an astonishing smile, photography can make you believe in your own artistry and creativity.

A Way to Communicate

According to a popular adage, a picture paints a thousand words. There is, without a doubt, a truth to this. Indeed, each photograph holds various meanings behind it. A photograph is not just a photograph; it is a collection of a thousand little moments weaved together in a single frame. Your photographs, for example, involve things, people, places, and events that once mattered or still matters to you. In essence, your photographs tell the story of your life.

Because photographs have the ability to narrate your life, they tend to serve as a way for other people to know you better. People can get so much information about you or your past through your photos. Through photography, you can communicate yourself to others in a more creative, vivid, and intimate way.

Overall, photographs are very much useful, especially when you get old. They can serve as a reminder of how beautiful of a life you have lived. For this reason, it is important that you take as much photographs as you can. The ultimate importance of taking photographs lies in its ability to create lasting memories. Remember, moments are fleeting and life ends when it ends, but photographs can remain more than a lifetime.


  1. E Double

    As a person that always enjoyed the moment, I cannot stress enough to your readers how true your words are. I never took any pics of anything and now in my late forties I have taken a shine to photography. I am out every single day and that is no bull. I’ve done so many fun things in life and have traveled all over the place, but I have nothing to show anyone. When you get older things start to just fly by and you start to think back about things you did and your memory isnt as sharp as it once was so you don’t even know what you did or where you went. One picture of a wild night you had in Budapest would bring all the memories back. As the last paragraph of the article stated, they can serve as a reminder of a great life. Friends come and go, those pictures will last forever.

  2. Sakshi

    Photographs are for revisiting the memory. It describes the moment, places, and person.


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