The Best Places to Eat in Madagascar

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The Best Places to Eat in Madagascar

Different people travel for various reasons—some travel to take pictures, some travel to discover new things. But one of the most common reasons people get excited during these travels is to try cultural food. The benefits of traveling for food are limitless for one’s state of mind. Imagine getting to try different cuisines that you can only possibly taste once in your lifetime. Exceptionally, food adventures are the central part of a trip, adding some spice to your itinerary. Even if you are not a hardcore connoisseur, you can still enjoy trying different food. It is a unique and creative way to approach a trip.

Madagascar is a dream destination for everybody. Nicki Geigert’s book, Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond, is a testimony of it. It is an adventure book that will give you a chance to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime in magical Madagascar. Plus, Malagasy cuisine is one of the most distinctive flavors in the whole world. It is a mixture of French, African, and European savors, making it interestingly good. Aside from the lush rainforest and turquoise coastline, it has also become a famous destination for food lovers. If you are planning to go on a trip there, and you are searching for the best places you can eat, you are in the right place. Here are some of the top favorite restaurants in Madagascar you should definitely visit:

Mad Zebu

If you look through some food reviews online, you can find travelers appreciating the vast array of vegetarian menus in Mad Zebu. People who desire to try the food in this restaurant might want to call in and reserve a table, or else they have to prepare to wait on a long line of food enthusiasts. As a restaurant that is located in a remote location, the food is surprisingly a top tier. It would be best to stop by this place on your way back from visiting the popular nature reserve, Tsingy de Bemaraha. It would be nice to stop for some prawn medallions, a snapper fillet with peanuts, and risotto and coconut sauce.

Les Bungalows d’Ambonara

Set in an old coffee plantation, you can expect Les Bungalows d’Ambonara to give you a breath of fresh air. While enjoying good food, you can also take in a scenery of pure nature only found in Madagascar. You can expect to see a picturesque outdoor pool that you can jump in if you stay in the place. If you choose to stay in this place, you can delight in some of the property’s bungalows built with local materials.
And, in just a few miles away, you can encounter the blue and relaxing palm beach. Savory local cuisine is served, so you can try authentic Malagasy cuisine that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Chez Madame Chabaud

Another place you can go to is Chez Madame Chabaud, where you can have a nice dinner or lunch in a little hidden alley. The scenery in this place is romantic, making it the best place to go for couples. But, an excellent company would be great as well. Although some reviews mentioned that the food is relatively expensive compared to other places, they can still attest that what they had in Chez Madame Chabaud is the best meal they have ever tried in the country; the dishes are of fine quality.

La Varangue

Enjoy classy French cuisine with a fantastic ambiance at the La Varangue. Aside from the food, you can guarantee to experience a service that is of high quality. This place should be on your top list of destinations you must go as you wander around the wonders of Madagascar. Many people who stayed in the place attest that they would book dinners for every night of their stay because food is just that good. It is definitely one of those places that you must book in advance to avoid waiting in long lines.

Madagascar is literal heaven. You can enjoy mouthwatering food with outstanding scenery. Choosing to spend time in the country will change your life as you witness its wonders. May your trip to Madagascar be filled with joy and satisfaction by visiting the places mentioned above.


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