Stunning Remote Islands You Should Visit

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Stunning Remote Islands You Should Visit

Do you imagine a trip to an island where you can discover more of the world? Turn it into a reality and learn some of the best remote islands where adventure awaits!

The earth is a wondrous place. If you think that you already know places with picturesque landscapes, there are surprisingly more that will soothe your eyes. Here are some ideal vacation destinations if you are looking to get off the urban for a moment:

Mo’orea, Island in Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia

French Polynesia, also known as The Island of Tahiti is an overseas collectivity of France. You can choose a wide array of islands you can go to as it comprises more than 118 islands in the South Pacific. However, the best one you have to opt for is Mo’orea. Filled with lush tropical landscapes, the place is the perfect definition of a laid-back island feel. The magical island—what most people refer to it—will satisfy your craving for bright blue lagoons where you can sunbathe! Considering that it is the most accessible remote island in French Polynesia, many people visit this place.

Isla Faly, Island in Madagascar

Many people would think that Madagascar isn’t a real place because of the computer-animated comedy called Madagascar. Much to most people’s surprise, it is a beautiful island country off the coast of southern Africa, located in the Indian Ocean. It is even recognized as the fifth largest island in the world. Off the northwest coast of Madagascar, Isla Faly is located. It is the ideal destination for backpackers. You can see palm trees by the turquoise sea and witness tropical natural species you’ve never seen before. If you are still contemplating whether to go there or not, you should look into Nicki Geigert on amazing adventure to magical Madagascar. Her book, Family Trip To Magical Madagascar And Beyond, will reveal to you how exciting this remote island is.

South Georgia Island, Island in the Atlantic Ocean

Only accessible by sea, most travelers would visit the place by a cruise ship or yacht. If you travel to see animals, this is ideal for you since it is famous for sightseeing large populations of marine species. This includes king penguins and seals, with the perfect view of diving petrels and majestic albatrosses mighty sea birds. You can also see various whales pass through. It is definitely a wild place to be. However, you must know that planning is necessary if you decide to go on this trip. Visit permits and cruise ship bookings need to be done beforehand.

San Blas Islands, Island in Panama

If you want another option of a tropical destination, San Blas Islands is one charming option. This Island is set along Panama’s Caribbean coast. You can soak under the sun on pristine white sand beaches, making it a perfect moment to take an Instagram picture. This destination is truly a dream come true as it is an easy journey, but you are guaranteed to still experience the remote vibe. Three nights would never be enough to explore the island.

Lofoten Island, Archipelago in Norway

If you are longing for some dramatic scenery, where you can spend cold nights. Norway is already known for its beautiful landscapes, but Lofoten Island has the most authentic view. Hiking, fishing, or kayaking, you can surely find an outdoor activity that you like. This place is a kind where you will remember for the rest of your life. You should make sure to allocate seven days. Travel in there during winter days, and you can witness the beauty of the northern lights. If you go there, you are promised a one-in-a-million experience.

Admiralty Island, Island in Alexander Archipelago, Southeast Alaska

Another perfectly cozy place and if you are looking into encountering animals. Admiralty Islands is known for bear viewing. In the 2000 census, there were only 650. Thus, you can expect that the place is sparsely populated. You indeed will have the time of your life in this place. Grasping fresh air is easy as the many places are lodged in an old-growth rainforest, not to mention millions of acres of Admiralty Island National Monument.




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