The Must-Have Nature-Lover Travel Bucket List

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World traveling is back! It’s time to pack those bags and check off the list of your travel goals because the world is waiting. 

The global pandemic brought about by COVID-19 caused a sudden halt to all traveling activities. It couldn’t stop people’s desire to pack those bags and see the world. These last two years have done nothing but escalate people’s interest and urge to cruise, sail, or fly and make those wandering feet itch even more. 

And now that the world destinations are opening up once more, people are beginning to queue for airline and ship tickets, and all are excited to get out and start exploring the world and all it has to offer. 

If city life and house lockdown is starting to get to you, now is the time to escape and venture out and far from the city and breathe in the fresh air from the wild outdoors or the great countryside. And if you’re the type of traveler who’s a nature-lover, now is the best time to explore the top places that’ll give you the best of Mother Nature.  

Benefits of Traveling 

Whether it’s a chance to reconnect with the natural environment or an opportunity to get physically healthy, many benefits come with traveling. From picking out your destination, planning your itinerary, purchasing your tickets, and getting together with your mates, from start to finish, traveling has a remarkable impact on a person’s mental health. 

For one thing, traveling makes a person happier. Any chance to explore and wander off and away from a routine or a place that’s part of your daily grind is a welcoming experience. The act of discovering something new, meeting new people and faces, and encountering different cultures triggers that positive and engulfing feeling that begins the sense of contentment and satisfaction – closely associated with happiness. 

As an upshot of this enjoyment, not only does the person becomes mentally healthier, but their physical body also becomes healthier. There are the main activities involved when a person is touring, such as walking, hiking, trekking, and that occasional running or jogging when they’re chasing something. Since the mind is relaxed and calm, this ultimately makes touring stress relieving activity.   

Top Nature Travel Destination

If beautiful sceneries are at the top of your mind and the reason for traveling, then these places should be part of your travel bucket list. 

Victoria Falls

Africa is known to be a jewel of a continent, a basketful of natural wonders – not to mention a region known to be the “cradle of mankind.” Out of all the fantastic nature’s touch breathtaking scenarios Africa has to offer, Victoria Falls stands out, also known as one of the seven most incredible natural wonders of the world. 

Victoria Falls is a definite must for nature lovers! Considered a natural creation stemming from the earth’s movement more than one million years ago, this giant sheet of falling water plummets over 108 meters toward the Zambezi River below. And because of the smoky illusion of falling waters, Victoria Falls is often referred to by its native African name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, the “Smoke that Thunders.” 

Naeroyfjord, Norway

Another must-see travel destination is Norway’s Nærøyfjord. Fjords are bodies of water that are long, deep, and narrow, reaching far within islands, and often set in U-shaped valleys with steep and high walls on either side. The Nærøyfjord is considered the best among the fjords, often called the mighty fjords, having the narrowest body of water. 

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A nature travel list wouldn’t be complete without Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, especially if you love the sea. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most extensive living coral reef system and the largest living organism visible from space. This oceanic wonder sprawls over 344,400 square kilometers, with a collection of unique and diverse ecological habitats and species. Not only is it a traveler’s dream destination, but it is also a scientists’ and explorers’ underwater research paradise! 

The Matterhorn – Zermatt, Switzerland

If you’re looking for adventure and mountaineering, the Matterhorn – Zermatt could be your next favorite destination.   

This snowy wonder looms over Europe and is the best part of the Swiss Alps’ natural landscape. The Matterhorn – Zermatt is Switzerland’s most famous peak. Standing at a 15,000-foot tall pyramid-like is the highest summit of this European country. What made this breathtaking panorama is renowned for its almost perfect pyramid shape, rising 4,478 meters above sea level.  

Serengeti National Park

Africa is full of surprises! If you want to see nature and wildlife at their best, then the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is a must-see. This endless stretch of landscape is a host to the world’s most diverse gathering of wildlife and the second-largest terrestrial mammal migration. Here you’ll see everything in real-life and action, from lions, giraffes, leopards, buffalo, rhinos, gazelles, zebras, and all the different wild beasts sprawled across woodlands and savanna. 

And when you’re traveling, it’s best to take a long with you a travel partner that could help fill out those long hours inside the plane – a book. Author Nicki Geigert’s books, such as Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond, are a perfect travel partner. And if you have your kids with you along the trip, Read! Move! Learn! Active Stories for Active Learning is the ideal book for that learn-while-traveling experience. 

So, there you have it – your list of must-see travel destinations for the best nature experience. Go ahead and take the chance. Pack those bags, and see the world again!


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