Just Like Animals, Animals: Weird Facts about Animals

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You just can’t seem to get enough of animals. Sometimes they are just too cute to be accurate or do the most stupid things. So for the animal lover in you, here are some weird facts you might want to know about animals!

  • Around three percent of the ice in the Antarctic glaciers is made of penguin urine.

Well, I wouldn’t want to taste that! Penguins do not pee in the conventional ways that we humans do. Unlike us, who have a urethra and bladder, penguins actually “merge” how we pee and poop, meaning penguins pee and poop at the same time in the form of a semi-solid white paste.

  • Ghost crabs have teeth in their stomach.

People usually fear crabs because of their claws, but the teeth in their stomachs make ghost crabs even scarier. Moreover, similar to the growling sounds of dogs, they can make growling sounds with teeth in their stomach which can scare predators away.

  • The heart of the shrimp is found in the head.

Specifically, it is found at the base of the head. However, the shrimp has an open circulatory system compared to other animals. This means that shrimps do not have arteries or blood vessels, and their organs float in their blood, unlike humans, who have blood vessels.

  • Parrots help each other out.

When we think of parrots, we usually think of those loud irritable parrots who are always around pirates. Little did we know that some parrots always help each other get food rewards and do selfless acts to help each other.

  • Mammals Yawn.

Many mammals yawn and look adorable! However, other animals like fish and birds can also open their mouths wide to look yawning. If you are interested, there is even a children’s photo book on yawning animals filled with adorable yawning animals that could help put you or your child to sleep!

  • A snail can sleep for up to three years.

Snails require moisture for them to survive. This means that if the weather is dry, they can go to sleep or, specifically, hibernation or estivation to help them move to warmer climates. Over the course of their “sleep,” they secrete mucus to protect themselves from dry or hot weather.

  • Koalas’ handprints are similar to humans.

Oh no! Got a koala at your crime scene? Maybe you’ll find a couple of extra prints! Koalas are an example of convergent evolution leading to having fingerprints that are indistinguishable from ours. Similar to humans, each koala has its own unique pattern that can tell them apart.

  • Compared to humans, the bottlenose dolphin is more likely to be right-handed.

It is a fact that we humans have more right-handed people than left. Little did we know that bottlenose dolphins were the same! These animals have an even more significant percentage of right-handedness compared to us humans.

  • Female lions do 90% of the hunting.

Yes, you heard it! Female empowerment who? While most of us fear male lions because of their mane, female lions do a big chunk of the work. Why, you may ask? It’s actually because of their pride. Female lions take pride in their hunt and in being able to find food in the wild.

  • Slugs have four noses.

Well, too bad for them when someone farts – just kidding! Slugs have four retractable noses – two to see and smell, while the other two are for touching and tasting. Each nose is operated independently, which means they can look or smell two different things simultaneously! 

  • Mantis shrimp packs a mean punch.

Ding, ding, ding! Round 1! Like most of us are familiar with boxers, the mantis shrimp is also a boxer. It can travel around 50 mph and move faster than an average 0.22-caliber bullet. One report even stated that a mantis punch smashed through a quarter-inch thick glass!

  • The oldest evidence of domesticated cats started 9,500 years ago.

Yes, you heard it, cat lovers outdate dog lovers. This was seen when a cat’s bones were found in a neolithic village buried alongside a human, suggesting that they were buried together.

  • Prairie dogs can kiss.

If you’re unfamiliar with how prairie dog looks, they look like large rodents. The reason why they kiss is that they want to identify each other. However, unlike the kissing we humans are familiar with, they kiss by putting their front teeth together.


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