Most children, when they come of age, opt to move out of their homes away from their families. This is usually out of tradition, but an underlying reason, which parents might not know of, why children gladly do this is because they actually truly want to leave. Why? As children mature, they are easily able to determine and make something out of their observations when they were younger. Locked doors with loud voices inside now meant that their parents were fighting, and small “joking” banters from family members, aunts, uncles, and the like, were now obviously “jokes” with deeper meanings rooted in them. While this does not run true for all families, let’s just embrace reality and accept that this is happening in the present.

Everyone loves a close-knit family. It is wonderful to have people in your home who are open to sharing their stories, problems, and concerns without the fear of being judged or being put off. To achieve this, parents should start to instill values in the minds of their children while they are young because these are the child’s formative years. What they will be learning at a young age will be the things that they will retain and practice as they grow old. A child who grows up in a happy home will become a happy person who values love of family as they grow older.

Going back to the question, how important is making memories with your family? I believe parents know how important it is but they fail to grasp it in depth. Memories are what children will want to remember when they grow old. It’s how you put just the right amount of sugar in their milk, it’s when you would be there to bring them to and from school every single day, and it’s when you first taught them how to ride a bike for the first time that they will remember.

With the fast-growing economy and the increase in the price of goods, parents need to work double time in order to provide for their families’ daily needs. However, because of this, they tend to fail in giving enough attention to their children because of how busy they’re getting. This is the time where children fail to see that their children are suffering in school or are quietly crying for help because they get bullied or hurt by other people. It is important that children see that their parents will still be there for them regardless of how busy they get. Still, parents should continue to take their kids out to the park from time to time or make beautiful picnics in their own backyard. As these actions are frequently done, when the children grow up, they will look back and remember that they had a happy childhood.

Children who grow up in a happy home tend to be more loving and caring toward their elders knowing and having learned from the past that their parents were always there for them in times of need. Never stop making memories with your family because this will make you grow closer together.

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