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With all the quarantine protocols and flight restrictions implemented left and right, we need to think of creative ways to keep our family spirit up amid this global crisis. It’s crazy, but it seems pretty clear that a lot has changed before our eyes so suddenly and has affected all nations. Don’t fret. We can still have quality time in our household since there are many things to do to keep our minds away from whatever is happening outside.

Now is the best time to re-establish connections. We were so used to crossing each others’ paths daily, and now we’re stuck with our family members, relatives, or close friends at home. Here are some meaningful activities we can do while riding out this crisis.

  • Cook and bake together.

It’s time to bring out Martha Stewart or Barefoot Contessa within. Cooking is therapeutic as it brings the family closer, and it gives us this sense of accomplishment once we present the finished product. It enhances emotional being and helps us focus on more positive aspects. Let’s enhance those creative juices by performing magic with our loved ones in the kitchen.

  • Have the young ones participate in the chores.

Encourage your kids to help you clean. Put on some happy tunes to liven up the mood. Teach your children to clean while they’re young, so they know about responsibility early on in life. Another thing is that cleaning becomes more manageable with all the extra hands you have. A little help can ease the usual burden of keeping the house spic and span. Cleaning together is also an excellent way to train them on their organizational skills.

  • More storytelling time.

I’ve never outgrown feeling excited about listening or reading a great book. You can read a book about animals of all sizes and shapes or fables from different lands and cultures. Set a time after dinner and huddle in the living room or the bedroom. Better yet, you can even be creative by setting up a tent indoors to simulate camping, minus the campfire, of course.

  • Relive game nights.

This day and age have made us indifferent, so let’s recreate those moments where Family Feud entertainment was the “in” thing. There are many options for games. Just manage the trash talks, especially for minor players, and have the seniors join in the fun. We all need light moments to create a little diversion and take our minds off things during these challenging times.

  • Do a little remodeling.

You don’t have to buy new furniture. Probably you could repaint one of your walls or move some of your fixtures to a different location. You can also do some decluttering, but make sure to ask permission from the kids when it comes to their collectibles and toys. Let your imagination take you to your dream home, and probably with all the time in your hands, you might just achieve it.

  • Put all the video streaming apps to good use.

Maximize your subscriptions and do a movie marathon or watch TV series with the whole Brady Bunch. To avoid arguments about what to watch, set schedules to accommodate everyone’s genre preference. Also, some apps allow other people to watch virtually with you. Take advantage of technology and invite other households to watch with you.

  • Exercise and move those muscles.

While everyone is gaining weight from being sedentary, don’t allow this lifestyle to take over your home. Try some stretches here and there or yoga poses now and then. Use what your household can provide, whether the chairs or the handrails and make some lunges. There are gym gurus that can help you virtually if you need guidance.

  • Learn a new dance.

Instead of scrolling through your social media apps and amusing yourself with the dance craze, why not learn it together? Whether it results in failure or success, it’s all about the fun moments. You might even discover a hidden talent in the process. Go ahead and explore all the genres and dance to your heart’s content.

This global crisis is just temporary, and it does have an end. Instead of dwelling on the uncertain, use this time to enjoy yourself with the people close to you. If it’s all about recouping or recharging, do it with family.


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