Heal the World, Make It a Better Place: Helping Endangered Species

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The problem of extinction of many species has become more common nowadays. There have been many actions and petitions to help save animals and protect endangered species. However, preventing the extinction of species does not only end with petitions. There are so many ways for us to protect endangered species, such as:

1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The 3R’s are some of the most basic ways to reduce waste. Waste is a big issue for endangered animals since many of these, especially those that end up in the ocean, can seriously harm animals and affect the normal lifecycle of plants. 

Some ways to practice the 3R’s in your day-to-day life are: reducing items in your household, buying products that produce less waste, purchasing second-hand furniture, clothes, or electronics, repurposing old items at home, and using reusable bags for the groceries.

2. Proper Waste Disposal

Aside from the 3R’s, proper waste disposal also plays a role in helping endangered life. It has become a reality that waste will always be created no matter how much we reuse or recycle items. Because of this, we must learn how to dispose of them appropriately.

Separating biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable items at home and making sure that your garbage does not get mixed are good ways for you to dispose of your waste properly. Segregating trash helps reduce the amount of waste that reaches landfills.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many toxic chemicals are used for laundry, dishwashing, and house cleaning. However, after washing these off, most of them end up underground or in freshwater systems, which poison aquatic life and animals that feed on them.

To avoid harsh chemicals, making homemade or natural ingredients can be used for cleaning instead. Using homemade cleaning agents can even positively impact you and your family since you will no longer be exposed to these substances. Using lemon, salt, vinegar, borax, and baking soda are some examples of less toxic cleaning agents. 

4. Teach Children

If you’re one of those who have children, teaching your children about endangered species, their importance to the world, and what is happening to them plays a role in the kind of future we have when saving endangered animals. “The youth are the key to the future,” they often say, and it is true since most of the time, these children are the ones who can make an impact in the world because of the potential they hold. 

To do this, there are many new ways to teach your children about these endangered species. Reading children’s photo books on rare and endangered animals before bedtime or watching TV shows such as Rio are some alternative ways parents can teach children about endangered animals. Though these are usually taught in schools, proper reinforcement at home often helps these children remember and teach the value of caring for the environment. 

5. Vote Wisely

Voting for the right leaders who will enact the right environmental laws and making sure that enough funding goes to saving the environment is one thing that is incredibly important when we look at endangered species. Most of the time, money that goes into rehabilitating injured endangered species and preventing hunting or poaching must come from the government.

If an administration, even just for one term, completely disregards the environment and does not take any actions to ensure that the existing laws are properly enforced will seriously affect the existing status of endangered species. Animal welfare and protection do not always have to be the primary platform of the candidate you support. However, ensuring that endangered animals will still be looked after during the following administration should be considered.

6. Follow the Right Companies

Capitalism has encouraged a surge of many businesses and opportunities for us to choose between different products and services. Following companies that are cruelty-free, those that do not support poaching, avoiding fast fashion industries, purchasing from companies who are conscious of the amount of waste they make may be a way for us to help endangered species.

Boycotting some companies and purchasing from other companies may seem trivial since it creates a small impact. Somehow, actions like this can cause a ripple effect and influence others to do the same. Though it may seem small, it has a more significant impact in the long run.


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