Facts About Animals That Will Amaze You

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Facts About Animals That Will Amaze You

In this lifetime, there will be things that you can consider beautiful—skies, rainbows, people, innovations, animals. Animals, as you may already know, are one of the most beautiful wonders that the world offers. Each one has a unique trait that gives people a reason to live and witness everything the earth possesses. Watching birds fly flocks and witnessing them arrange in different positions is one of the best views you can experience. You can find yourself in awe or at peace; you wouldn’t miss that kind of quality time for yourself.

It’s hard not to see how beautiful animals have, their distinct traits, and their appearance. Everything about them catches everyone’s eyes. These characteristics will always leave you astonished and can always help you be receptive to seeing animals as stress relievers. You can discover how astonishing animals are through Nicki Geigert’s photography. Her book “Who’s Yawning Now?” is something that you should check out. She captures all kinds of animals yawning. Imagine how cute would that be? This blog will give you amazing facts about animals that will leave you in awe. It will feature various kinds of animals and their qualities:

A Snail Sleeps for Three Years

This first fact may be odd to you since you’ve probably seen snails all the time in your life. How could they possibly sleep three years at a time? Just like any other animals, snails sleep when it excessively cold, which is one of the critical points for their survival. Many have proven that some of their species can sleep for years, three years at max before they actually die. Snails are known to bury themselves in the ground, closing their shells off their own slime. Thus, the next time you see a snail, and you think they’re dead, you may want to leave them alone; they’re probably just sleeping.

Bats Can Catch a Thousand Insects an Hour

Bats are known as the predators of night-flying insects. One of the reasons people should take care of bats is that they catch a lot of mosquitoes that can harm people. A small bat can do 1,000 or more small insects in a single hour. Imagine what one single bat can do in your neighborhood for its evening meal. However, you can also expect other bats species that eat different things other than insects. Some east fruits, and nectar.

Rhinos’ Horns are Made of Hair

You may think of a rhino’s horn the same as other animals with horns. However, the truth is made up of keratin – the same protein which forms the basis of our hair and nails. Javan and greater one-horned rhinos only have one horn, whereas all the other rhino species have two horns.

Sloths Take Two Weeks to Digest Food

Everyone knows that sloths are slow. As adorable as they look, they also possess characteristics and qualities that can you probably may not know, just like how the span of time sloths digest food. It has been said that sloths take weeks for them to digest food. They have a low metabolic rate, unlike humans that digest food in a matter of hours. Because of this, they also serve relatively little food they eat.

Giraffes Have No Vocal Cords

Have you ever wondered what giraffes sound like? Giraffes spend their time in tight-lipped silence. Many have done research about it, and they found that they have a sound with too low of a frequency for humans to hear. They also found that there is a humming sound that occurs at night, which has a higher frequency than how they sound during the day. However, it is still too low for humans to hear.

Dogs Has Smelling Sense is 100,000 Times Stronger Than Humans

For this last fact, it’s about the man’s best friend. If you have one, there are a couple of things about them is that you should always know for you to take care of them appropriately. You also want to make sure that you are very much aware of how their sense work. Their sense is the most fragile. Their smell is one of them. They possess 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. So, you might want to be very careful of their nostrils.

Overall, animals, each one of them, possess different traits that you sure would want to discover and witness in this lifetime. Traveling around the world will let you see this. This can be the reason for you to travel.



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