Everything You Should Know About Endangered Animals

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Everything You Should Know About Endangered Animals

Are you someone newly fascinated by animals? Well, then this blog will surely bring you all the information you need to know! It is so much you have to know about animals. Aside from the fact that there are thousands of different species globally, animals also differ in qualities from one another.

The mystery of odd creatures ought to be known by many people, especially those in love and interested in the different species. How do cheetahs run so fast? How do sloths move so slow? Has this odd fact ever occur to you? Well, just like humans, every animal possesses different characteristics and qualities. This will leads to the reality of their quirkiness which amazes people even more. Nicki Geigert’s photo book of rare and endangered animals will make you be riveted by the animals, opening a whole new world of wonders. Getting this will also make you want to save endangered animals.

If you notice, most of the endangered animals are those humans find engrossing. Now, there are two main reasons why there are tons of species have become endangered. One is because of the loss of its genetic variation, and two because of habitat loss. Do humans carry the responsibility to protect wildlife? Since everything is all in one biosphere, there is indeed a responsibility to protect the wildlife. To successfully do this, you should be aware of everything about them. The information you will find in this blog might just make you change the way you look at them. The following are some of the things that you should know about animals:

Over a Million Species Is Now at Risk

As part of the natural phenomenon, there should be something humans can do about the risk of losing species on earth. Many reports say that more than a million species are at risk of extinction, plant and animals hereof. This is according to the International Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). There are about eight million plant and animal species on earth. Action should be made because this situation is the worse in history.

Almost Half the Plant Species are Deteriorating

Plants are a vital part of human lives; they are responsible for sustaining lives, including food and medicine. What happens if they are on the verge of extinction? It is known that there over 300,000 plant species in the world and 140,000 of them are deteriorating faster than ever. This is 40% of the total number. Imagine the next years to come. What would the generation see? Can they still be able to see the beauty of flower fields?

Freshwater Species are Declining

Water is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to the preservation of life. It is a finite commodity that humans can have. However, if no managed properly, it could lead to shortages in the future. Fishes in the freshwater habitats are accompanied by various others, alligators, frogs, turtles, and marsh birds. But the habitat is reported to have been declining over the past few years. One-third of them can face extinction due to over-harvesting and habitat loss.

Population Threats are Seen in Bird Species

A forest alone could have 1 billion birds. But what is their current situation today? A bord called evening grosbeak has declined by 90 percent and has remained at this steady number from the past. The decline of the bird species is not that hard to pinpoint. It is habitat loss, deforestation, and climate change are the reasons for this being. How can you help stop this? There are many bird conservation programs. Supporting one will not cause anything.

Overall, the world could not afford to lose even one species anymore. Therefore, the endangered wildlife should be one of the priorities of humankind. If one ever gets an opportunity to save animals, it would be great. Imagine all the mentioned points above; you will be committed to saving every earthly being. Billions of humans exist in this world. If one is committed to doing one thing, no matter how small the gesture is, it could indeed make a big difference. Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to do more.



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