Create a Better World: Protect Nature & Wildlife

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Time spent protecting and conserving nature and wildlife is never time wasted. 

The words “environmentally friendly,” “going green,” and other similar words carry a significant and heavy impact, a sentiment currently being echoed through all the corners of the globe; an urgent call to save the environment. 

Just how serious is the need to save the environment? How critical is it to protect and conserve Mother Nature? 

The World Meteorological Organization reported on Wednesday that the Earth’s atmosphere last year was recorded to have the highest amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These greenhouse gases are responsible for trapping the heat in the atmosphere that drives the recent impact of global warming. 

Once given off these gases by machinery, tools, and other kinds of infrastructure, once released into the environment in great quantity, they become so dense that they cover the surface layer of the atmosphere. The sunlight can still pass through, but the heat that it brings cannot penetrate and leave the Earth’s space; hence, the heat bounces back to the Earth and brings extreme heat temperatures, melting polar ice caps, causing drought and flood at the same time in different parts of the world. 

What about wildlife? How are they affected by global warming? 

Like a domino effect, wildlife is also affected by erratic changes in temperature and weather. The increase in temperature leads to food becoming scarce and habitats becoming un-livable, which eventually results in to decline in species’ survival and reproduction rates. 

The worst-case scenario is? Mass extinction of species, and significantly the endangered species. 

Go Green

People better act now before it’s too late.

There’s a grave consequence if people choose to delay making plans and decisions to protect and preserve the environment and wildlife. And it’s not just all about the negative effect it will bring to the tourism industry. 

Ultimately, it’s going to be life and livelihood that will feel that massive strike when nature chooses to renegade against its caretakers. 

When nature strikes, global warming could change the face of famous natural wonders of the world. For instance, the majestic icebergs in the Arctic North and South Poles are one of the world’s top destinations for that winter-wonderland experience. As the heat from global warming increases, ice caps start to melt away. 

The melting ice would cause the sea levels to rise, leading to flooding, habitat destruction, and the development of extreme weather events such as typhoons, draughts, or the La Niña or El Niño phenomenon.  

The most responsible decision the world could make at this point to offset the impact of nature’s wrath is to “go green.”

“Go green” or “going green” is meant to save and benefit the broader environment through the practice of environmentally friendly and ecological lifestyle decisions. The primary aim of going green is to reduce the pollution entering the soil, water, and air that causes global warming to escalate. 

Here’s how people can start going green. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Who hasn’t heard of the three Rs? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated the “reduce, reuse, recycle” campaign to call for environmental awareness for Earth Day. “Reduce” refers to controlling the amount of trash being rolled by individuals, households, and commercial infrastructures. Reducing the amount of junk and waste helps prevent the overflowing of landfills and environmental damage. 

To help reduce waste, the practice of “reusing” is encouraged. Reuse is finding new ways to use things differently instead of just throwing them out. 

Although they’re often interchanged, there’s a distinct difference between “reuse and recycle.” Recycling is the act of collecting things that cannot be reduced or reused to be sent off to recycling plants to turn them into new things. For instance, drinking straws can be recycled into crafty accessories, handbags, home decor, etc. 

Go for Electric or Solar

In 2020, Tesla initiated the move to more sustainable energy use to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and decrease reliance on fossil fuels with the company’s launch of electric vehicles (EVs). But the move on gas-emitting or fuel-using-engine vehicles is one of many ways to go electric and lessen the carbon footprint. Solar panels are another way to generate electricity to light up establishments by using sunlight to produce electrical charges. Going electric or solar is also a practice called energy efficiency. 

Greater Good

The payoff of deciding at the earliest time to go green and protect and preserve Mother Nature and all its elements is a world that is striving, thriving, and flourishing. 

If the impact of global warming is stemmed from getting worse, and people become more conscious of their actions and decisions and are more environmentally aware, what happens? 

More and more people will travel. Species of all kinds will continue to exist and thrive; endangered wildlife will be protected and conserved. Habitats are protected, and food and natural resources remain abundant.

Renowned book author and nature and wildlife photographer Nicki Geigert in her works, provide all the reasons to save and safeguard the environment. Join Nicki Geigert on an amazing adventure as she reflects her passion for nature and its wildlife through stories and other published works.  As people like Nicki Geigert take on the initiative to promote environmental awareness, it causes a positive domino effect where even government leaders worldwide become inspired and motivated to work on helping and preserving Mother Nature; it’s all about creating a better world – for everyone.


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