Animals Around the Globe Worth Seeing

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Animals Around the Globe Worth Seeing

Some people would travel around the world to see different kinds of sceneries and experiences. Some would travel to go to new beaches, visit tourist spots, and experience city life. But some would travel to see animals. If you are one of those people who like to see unique animals, this blog is for you.

One of the most wonderful things you can ever witness in this world is the wildlife. It can serve as a way for you to break from reality because animals are great at that. Do you see how relaxing it is to have a close encounter with animals you’ve never seen before? You can watch them in their natural habitat and how they are just accepted and living in their own world. Isn’t that satisfying to think about? If you are still deciding on what place to visit for your next adventure, you should consider wildlife destinations. Author, Niki Geigert has proof that animals are enough to look at whenever you feel like you need to lessen stress. Her fun and interesting book on yawning animals called, “Who’s Yawning Now?” has pictures of cute yawning animals actually captured by the author.

Animals are great reasons for you to travel across the globe. This is especially if you get to see an animal of a particular species that can only be seen in that place. This blog will introduce you to animals or certain animals you can only see in a certain place:

Great White Sharks in South Africa

When you think of sharks, you may get the notion of fear. With its sharp teeth, you have probably seen in shark movies. But if you think about it, these creatures are definitely one of the majestic ones you can ever find. It has a torpedo-shaped body and muscular tail. You won’t believe what it does, it actually allows the sharks to speed up to 15 miles per hour through the water. South Africa shark tours are common. During these tours, you can stay in the comfort of the boat. If you are looking for a real adrenaline rush, you can hop into a cage to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals.

Quokkas in Rottnest Island, Australia

You may know quokkas as the world’s happiest animal but they can actually be quite vicious. You should not be fooled by the visible smiles of these charming little critters. They are actually are more like scavenging raccoons than docile bunny rabbits. As tiny as they possess sharp claws and teeth. In Rottnest Island, of Perth in Western Australia, more and more tourists are flocking to see this animal. Taking a picture with the famous animal since the quokkas have learned to level up their selfie game; they have been posing with tourists. You can surely get that perfect Instagram picture with them; just don’t touch them in the process.

Kangaroos in Australia

After taking cute pictures with the tiny quokkas in Rottnest Island, Australia, you can’t miss the experience of seeing kangaroos. They are actually indigenous in the place; don’t get shocked if you see some outside of your hotel building. You must know that Australia is home to around 50 million kangaroos and has an estimated 25 million people living there. You can visit a lot of places and destinations where you can find a lot of Kangaroos, just like The Kangaroo Island in the southwest of Adelaide. 

Swimming Pigs in the Bahamas

If you are up for a beach trip with a little cuteness that comes with it, then this place is just for you! You may think of going to a destination that has pigs in then as something ridiculous. But the pigs in Big Major Cay, located in Exuma, the Bahamas, stay on the beach! The famous swimming pigs in this city will surely melt your heart. Swimming, playing, and trying to climb on visitor’s boats, the piggies are definitely worth every time of your vacation in the Bahamas. White beaches, turquoise waters tropical cocktails, and cute pigs? Why not, right?

All in all, you will be astonished by what this world offers. There’s still so much to see from it. These animals featured in this blog are just some of the wonders you can see. Thus, protecting conserving wildlife’s natural habitat is so important for the next generation to also get to know them. What you can do to preserve wildlife is so varied. There are even ways you can follow in your everyday life.






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