Amazing Ways You Can Travel the World

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Amazing Ways You Can Travel the World

Walking down the beaches of Greece, watching animals grazing in Kenya, or navigating the maze-like streets of Venice: these are adventures worth having. Leaving to travel the world is found to be the best decision some make in their lives. Something they never regret doing or paying for. People are hardwired for excitement, and travel and adventure are the best way to tap into it. Traveling around the world shouldn’t be hard; it should be something everyone should be able to do at least once in their lives. Whether you choose to spend a few years or just a couple of months in another amazing country, it’s important to see what’s beyond your own. However, traveling can only seem to be an impossible dream. Seeing the world can require you to have a fat travel fund to do it. 

Why can’t we just travel to faraway places on a budget? 

Well, guess what? It can be done. A budget around the world travel is possible; you just have to decide you’re willing to take the first step and find opportunities to travel the world for cheap—or even for free. Stop imagining, daydreaming, and envisioning; just do it.

Traveling cheap is not only all about taking advantage of helpful apps and websites that save you money or maximizing credit card rewards. It can also be about finding value, making money as you travel, and lowering expenses while still being able to afford to do and buy what you want. With the right mindset, you can make your travel dreams a reality. Even if you don’t earn a lot, there are still plenty of creative ways to travel overseas without breaking your bank (even for free). Although they may not be as fancy or luxurious, you can definitely make it come true if travel is your priority. Here are some amazing ways to kick-start your budget travel: 

Become a photographer

Becoming a photographer specializing in travel and wildlife can actually help you travel for cheap. Some countries, organizations, or companies will hire you to take astonishing images for their use while paying you for them and other expenses. If you have a craving for capturing moments and an enduring sense of wanderlust, then this is for you. This might be the opportunity to take out the camera secretly stashed in your drawers. 

You can be like Nicki Geigert trekking across the island of Madagascar, snapping photos of Lemurs, and more. It’s a lot of fun! Live a great life and go through a similar unique wildlife experience of Nicki Geigert

Do Volunteer Work

A word coined for this is voluntourism (volunteer+tourism), and it’s very popular in the travel community. This is basically when you go on a trip to a third-world country to do something and help the locals. This can be teaching English as a second language or building houses and hospitals for the community in need. And in exchange, you are compensated, but some will give you a free place to stay and food if you work for them. Isn’t this an amazing opportunity? You’re not only traveling but also helping a community.

On a side note: not all voluntourism is beneficial, so learn more about organizations and their goals before signing up. Also, many volunteer programs charge a hefty fee, be sure to always do your homework and research beforehand. 

Work Overseas

If you’re not making enough money at your job, or even worse, you’re working a job you have, why not trade your old job for a job overseas? There are plenty of working opportunities globally as long as you’re creative enough to find one that suits you or you’re not picky. You can find work on a farm, teaching English, as a dive instructor, in customer service, as a cruise ship worker, yoga instructor, or other seasonal work. 

There is a rise in digital jobs that have resulted in people working their job from anywhere. Consequently, more people are working and traveling at the same time. But if you love your job, then ask to work remotely. You’re not only working to earn money but also going on adventures after a day’s work. 

Try House Sitting

When the budget is tight, consider watching someone’s house while they go on theirs! The concept is simple. You stay in someone’s house and do some tasks for them. Some people might not compensate you with money but will allow you food and a roof to live in. This idea provides you the luxury of not paying for your stay and travel to the location. 

The pandemic is still in our midst to this day. You might not be traveling far anytime soon, but who knows, countries would open their borders once again. So let’s just sit tight, wait, and choose an amazing travel opportunity. Trade in those boring and costly travel plans and book yourself onto one of these unique journeys that will make your trip a memorable one. 






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