6 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Madagascar

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Madagascar

A unique destination one can go to make wonderful and unusual discoveries is no other than Madagascar. Nicki Geigert’s book, Family Trip to Madagascar / Magical Madagascar, is an amazing proof of how beautiful the place is. As the fourth largest island in the world, many people can witness picturesque landscapes and animals; in fact, the place is home to unique species, like lemurs, one of the most threatened animals on the planet. The animal has been characterized as “Madagascar’s flagship mammal species.”  So, before you get excited and set off to Madagascar, you need to know a couple of things first.

Like what you do on any other trips, planning and researching ahead are necessary things to do. To a large extent, Madagascar can be difficult to travel because the place lacks tourism infrastructure, not to mention the fact that there is a language barrier. Hence, you need to plan everything and definitely know everything about the place beforehand. This way, you can get the most out of the destination and avoid some difficulties during the trip. This blog will help you with that. Here are six things you need to know before traveling to Madagascar:

You will Encounter Peace and Quiet

For the most part, people travel to avoid the harsh realities they are experiencing in life. Going on a trip to another place is a great way to do this. If you are looking to seek refreshment, Madagascar is ideal for you. You can expect peace and quiet throughout your travel time there. The island has rainforests and even desserts, making it perfect for walks.

Don’t Miss Out on Ravitoto

One thing that you cannot skip is to try local food when you travel. In Madagascar, it would be a sin not to try ravitoto. This traditional Malagasy cuisine is made out of crushed cassava leaves. The sweet cassava leaves are usually pounded with a mortar or meat grinder. It is basically cooked with a lot of garlic and fatty pork. The dish is a staple for every Malagasy; however, it would be best if you took note that eating this at the right moment is a must as this dish can be hard to digest. You can expect Malagasy cuisine to be filled with a lot of meat, vegetables, and beans. Their food is usually paired with rice.

Don’t Give Dogs Food

An important aspect that you should remember about Madagascar is that they are very passionate when it comes to food. If you are a dog lover, pay attention to this. Whenever you are in remote villages in the southern region of Madagascar, you need to avoid giving food to dogs, especially in public. You will offend the people in that area because you fed a dog rather than a child. If you dig deeper into Malagasy culture, you will further understand this subject matter.

Practice Your Dance Steps

Among the many ways people in Madagascar express joy and art is through dancing. So, when you decide to go, expect to do some dancing. If you are planning to go on a time of festivities, you are surely going to be asked to dance. Probably one of the most unforgettable experiences you are going to have. So, prepare yourself to get on your feet and do some boogie!

Prepare Your Cameras

As previously mentioned, Madagascar is picturesque from any angle. Rainforests to animals, you will definitely want to document every time you encounter them. So, you got to prepare your cameras and probably some extra batteries to be safe. Documenting your trip is necessary as you want to remember one in a million trips to such a wonderful place like Madagascar.

Expect to Encounter Bugs

Aside from being home to different types of animals, Madagascar is also home to a variety of insects. Most of these insects are endemic or are only seen in Madagascar. So, it would help if you looked forward to seeing unusual bugs that you will only see once in your life or whenever you visit Madagascar.

Make the most out of your break by choosing to travel to remote places like Madagascar. A trip where you can experience and encounter wildlife and biodiversity are great for your overall health, especially mental and physical.


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