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Penguins Of The World

Coming in 2023 Nicki’s Latest book tentatively titled Penguins of the World.

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This book follows Savannah, a teenager as she travels through Greece and Crete with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt captures her photographically, as she experiences the food, the culture, and the history, As an athlete, she spends each day hiking, climbing, swimming, and running throughout the ruins of ancient Greece. Savannah invites you to come on an armchair adventure with her on her first international odyssey.

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This book is about yawning animals. Everyone yawns, including fish. All of the animals in this book were photographed yawing. Some have wide open teeth baring, tongue hanging out yawns, while other yawns were captured at the end of their yawns. However wide open the yawn is, this page turning book will beg you to ask: Who’s Yawning Now? To that end, you are invited to read each animals account of where they live, some interesting facts about them, what they eat, and even some struggles that they go through on a daily basis, along with their level of threatened endangerment provided by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Book 3


Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is about family that went to Madagascar and then on to Zimbabwe. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and hosts a huge array of lemurs, fossas, aye-ayes, many species of plants, chameleons, and insects, The experience of traveling together with family to see new places and new things is such a pleasure. Travel together can add lifelong memories and bonding experiences for each individual family member.


Bianca’s Big Adventure (2018)

Bianca’s Big Adventure is photo journey about a teenager graduating from high school and desiring to become a wildlife conversionist. She takes her first international trip to Australia, and learns first hand, what Australia is doing to protect and preserve endangered animals species, especially on Kangaroo Island.


Holy Cow!! (2011)

Cows are holy in India, and as such, are not to be eaten. However, many cows are not owned by anyone, and are not only fed properly, but are left to exist on grain or ceremonial flowers from some worshipper, or trash, which is primarily compromised of plastics and paper. This book takes you on a journey through India, and no matter where you go, you will always see the cows, always present, always there, somewhere.


Read! Move! Learn! (2007)

This book has more than 150 active learning experiences based on popular children’s books. In addition to the activities for each featured children’s book, you will find theme connections, lesson objectives, a vocabulary list, a concept list, and related children’s books and music for hours of fun in the classroom!

US Review

It will also engage armchair travelers with its vibrant photography and its amusing, informative, and sometimes credibly frustrating travelers’ tales.

Pacific Book Review

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is a book that will transport readers to a stunningly beautiful land.

– Ella Vincent

Seattle Book Review (City Book Review)

The book is filled with an array of fascinating as well as breathtaking photographs.

– Jennifer Padgett

Manhattan Book Review (City Book Review)

The book definitely helps educate and amaze the reader in terms of the sheer variety and diversity of this incredible island, both the people and the fauna, in addition to showing what life is like in this part of the world.

– Alex Telander

San Francisco (City Book Review)

Nicki Geigert’s Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is a breathtaking survey that readers will thoroughly enjoy.

Portland Book Review (City Book Review)

Overall, I really enjoyed the information about Madagascar and the exquisite pictures taken during the family’s trip. Recommended for all ages.

Pacific Book Review

A Girl’s Greek Odyssey is very informative as author Nicki Collins Geigert mixes personal encounters with history.

– Jennifer Bailey

US Review of Books

Geigert captures her joyful exuberance.

– Michelle Jacobs


With both Greek history lessons and humdrum accounts of tourism, A GIRL’S GREEK ODYSSEY proves to be a sincere, but unpolished travelogue.

Portland Book Review (City Book Review)

A Girl’s Greek Odyssey is an adventure every reader needs to take this summer!

– Jessica Tingling

Manhattan Book Review (City Book Review)

Overall, I enjoyed the photos and the information about Greece

– Kristi Elizabeth

San Francisco Book Review (City Book Review)

The majority of this story was told in the exceptional amount of stunning pictures Geigert took.

– Theresa Kadair

BlueInk Reviews

This books uses a simple concept to help children learn about and empathize with a wide variety of creatures and should hold appeal for young animal lovers.

Kirkus Reviews

Descriptions compare and contrast animal and human responses…Young audiences will giggle at the comparisons.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

Who’s Yawning Now? is a valuable. educational picture book that encourages curiosity through its curation of interesting birds and mammals.

– Karen Rigby

Nicki talks about her passion for travel photography.

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Nicki Geigert

As a landscape, Travel, Adventure, Fine art, and nature photographer, Nicki’s beautiful photos that capture wildlife in their natural habitats are what set her apart from other photographers. She likes to get up close and personal to capture the candid moments of life. She hopes to keep traveling the world, and writing articles and books to share with others. You are also invited to sign up for a tour to Magical Madagascar by going to

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