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Everyone yawns, including fish. All of the animals in this book were photographed yawning. Some have a wide open teeth baring, tongue hanging out yawns, while other yawns were captured at the end of their yawns. However wide open the yawn is, this page turning book will beg you to ask: Who’s Yawning Now? To that end, you are invited to read each animal’s account of where they live, some interesting facts about them, what they eat, and even some struggles that they go through on a daily basis, along with their level of threatened endangerment provided by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
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Family Trip To Magical Madagascar

A story of a family trip to Madagascar and Zimbabwe with photos and events, as well as traveling in those countries. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond captures the fun memories that the family enjoyed in Madagascar and, at the same time, shares to readers the unparalleled wonder of the island country.

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Nicki Geigert

As a landscape, Travel, Adventure, Fine art, and nature photographer, Nicki’s beautiful photos that capture wildlife in their natural habitats are what set her apart from other photographers. She likes to get up close and personal to capture the candid moments of life. She hopes to keep traveling the world, and writing articles and books to share with others. You are also invited to sign up for a tour to Magical Madagascar by going to www.nickigeigert.com

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